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Nick Carswell

Nick Carswell is originally from Limerick, Ireland. He has studied music, maths and philosophy at University College Dublin, sound engineering in Temple Bar’s Sound Training Centre and an M.Phil in Music and Media Technologies in Trinity College Dublin.


Nick has been performing professionally for 25 years, in his native Ireland and across the US Midwest, where he has lived since 2011. His main creative output is as songwriter and frontman for the alt-rock 5 piece, Carswell & Hope. Nick has also made award-winning short films, produced radio programs, and created large scale public art projects in Lawrence and Kansas City.

Nick has wide experience with arts & cultural non-profits, community organizing, public art and professional development. He is currently program manager for the Audio-Reader Network, an audio information service for individuals with print-disabilities.


Nick is a Creative Industries Specialist for the Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission, the founder and director of the Lawrence Music Alliance and the MixMaster Music Conference, a Senior Artist Leadership Fellow for the Mid-America Arts Alliance's Artist INC program, and a board member for the Heartland Song Network.

Artist Statement

My music is an invitation to share space in the world. Whether I fill that space with my own stories and voice, or use sound and song to meet you in your space, with a shared soundtrack, the invitation is the same: to experience, to feel, to move, and be moved.

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